De Beers reveals ıts new Alchemıst of Lıght collectıon

De Beers, has chosen to celebrate the way a diamond interacts with light to produce its infamous, much-coveted sparkle with a new high jewellery collection the Alchemist of Light collection.

“We were inspired by light as a transformative force – we can’t see light itself but the way it reflects allows us to perceive everything around us,” says De Beers’ CEO Celine Assimon of the new line, dubbed ‘The Alchemist of Light.’ Composed of 45 one-of-a-kind creations (divided into seven themed ‘sets’), the Alchemist of Light will launch in two separate chapters, the first of which has just been revealed at Paris Couture week.

The Atomique set is an artistic exploration of a diamond’s molecular structure, depicted in linear and geometric patterns. Created in icy white diamonds set in white gold, its monochromatic colour scheme channels the crystalline purity of a diamond’s chemical makeup. Though the set includes an astonishing ring set with a 11.03 carat round brilliant diamond from the house’s exceptional Natural Works of Art collection, and open hoop earrings composed of swirls of diamonds and white gold, the undoubted ‘star’ of the show is a breath-taking collier necklace, with a 18.57 carat, internally flawless diamond at its centre. Around it, a sculptural white gold lattice holds almost 2,000 other diamonds, resembling interlinked snowflakes suspended within a delicate bubble – a feat which took De Beer’s craftspeople a total of 1,820 hours to perfect. 

Suffused with yellow, orange and bronze tones, the Light Rays set takes its cue from the warmer colours found in sunlight. Fancy coloured polished diamonds are juxtaposed with rough stones (a De Beers signature), amplified by fan-shaped titanium motifs in complementary golden shades.  “It’s the first time De Beers uses titanium in a collection and it allowed us to experiment with bolder designs and colour,” notes Assimon of the motifs, which were carefully produced using a process called anodization. “Very few workshops are specialized in working with titanium as it’s very challenging,”

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