Bvlgarı presents the new Color Journeys Capsule Collectıon

The story begins between Brazil and Mozambique, a place where one of nature’s rarest treasures can be discovered: Paraiba tourmaline.

Bvlgari celebrates the precious Paraiba with a special jewelery collection of 17 pieces that reveal the many facets of this rare tourmaline variety.

7 Paraiba tourmalines with a total weight of 36.81 carats shine with an unusually soft light, perfectly accentuated by pink color. This is a shade that is neither overly bright nor too light.

Where the sky, the sea and the kingdom of plants converge, the shades of the second jewelry set are born – they pass from the blue of tanzanites to the green of emeralds, through the crystallinity of aquamarine to the lightest blue tones of the famous Paraiba color. Softness and liveliness, sharp and smooth cut lines, the intensity of the sea and the lightness of the sky.

Two rings with Paraiba tourmalines, 5.60 and 3.35 carats. In nature, it is almost impossible to find this valuable stone weighing more than two carats. In the first ring, lagoon-colored paraiba and emerald act in a mutually beneficial duet, performing a symphony of shades of green. So in the second – pink sapphires and amethysts reveal the feminine character of the central paraiba.

Two new Allegra jewelery watches are presented in a riot of stone colors and a kaleidoscope of cuts and sizes. They are adorned with rich Paraiba tourmalines, aquamarines, pink and purple sapphires, reimagining the Allegra case. Available in white or rose gold, both versions are presented on an alligator strap – white or pink respectively.

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