Boucheron’s new collectıon, ‘More ıs More’, gıves hıgh jewellery a Pop Art spın

Pockets, hoodie strings and hair bobbles aren’t naturally associated with high jewellery – until now, that is, with the Boucheron ‘More is More’ high jewellery collection.

Creative director Claire Choisne brings a bold playfulness to a collection which subverts traditional methods and materials. In her hands, floating hairbows are crafted in weightless bio acetate and magnesium. The 3D-printed titanium elements of a high jewellery pocket attach ingeniously to any garment thanks to a secure magnet. A Pop Art hair bobble, which doubles as a ring, sets black, white, red, or blue lacquer into a rock-crystal-and-white-gold cube highlighted with titanium and resin.

Elsewhere, hoodie strings, which can be worn as earrings, form a pattern of citrine, diamonds, black lacquer, onyx, white opal, yellow gold, titanium and aluminium. A linked necklace celebrates a play with proportions – covering the whole chest, it is crafted in titanium to ensure a light wearability, with colour applied by laser for a bold silhouette. In another necklace, extra-flat pearls set with sapphire glass, usually seen on a watch dial, are linked with diamond chains.

Nostalgia defines other pieces in the collection, with iron-on badges rethought in thinly cut precious stones. The 1980s classic, the Rubik’s cube, is brought back as a necklace, with cubes alternating grey and pink spinels, pink sapphires, and diamonds forming 21 parts, like the original toy itself. On the wrist, the classic Boucheron Quatre cuff is painted in bold resin and black and white lacquer, its distinctive texture a faithful nod to the original.