TASAKI unveıls ıts latest Hıgh Jewelry collectıon at the ıconıc Rıtz Parıs

Pearls have been central to Tasaki’s DNA since the brand’s foundation in 1954. The brand operates its own pearl farms in the seas of Kujukushima and Ise-Shima for Akoya pearls, and in the Andaman Sea for South Sea pearls. Black South Sea pearls and Akoya pearls feature prominently in the new Atelier 6: Nature Spectacle collection, highlighted by sparkling diamonds and gemstones. 

The first theme of the collection is titled Flourish and features a four-piece parure depicting how sunlight flickers in the water of a shallow lagoon. The sea life illuminated by this is represented by the use of morganites, fancy colour sapphires, pink tourmalines, paraíba tourmalines, and topaz. Continuous, tapering lines of pearls and diamonds represent the ripples of waves against the shoreline.

The Cascade necklace and earrings evoke images of water droplets. The layers of pearls represent the flow of water down lush greenery, represented by the elegant lines of paraíba tourmalines. The necklace also features 5.43 carats of diamonds, with the earrings featuring around 1.2 carats each. 

The Akoya pearls, known in Japan as Japanese pearls, are the stars of this parure. These pearls are recognized around the world and have become symbolic of Japan. They are known for their elegant lustre and delicate colours of silver, gold, pink, cream, blue, green and more.

Tidal currents and their spiral movements are the inspiration behind the curved lines of metal and diamonds of the Spiral parure. Featuring nothing but diamonds, the simplicity of the Spiral necklace, bracelet and earrings represent the movement of crystal clear waters.

Atelier 6: Nature Spectacle does not only evoke images of sunlight and clear waters, but its Ocean Light pieces create a feeling of mystery, inspired by the reflection of a full moon on the ocean surface during a pitch-black night.

The strands of white Akoya and white South Sea pearls aim to capture the glimmers of whitecap waves amidst the darkness but also resemble the reflection of moonlight on a dark sea. The black South pearls represent the dark ocean surface in the night, while the moonlight is captured by vivid yellow tourmalines and blue zircons.

Moving from the sea to the air, the Splendor pieces feature drooping pastel-hued sapphires and Akoya pearls in swaying constructions. The coloured stones of the Splendor earrings and necklace represent birds flying along the wind, highlighted by white Akoya pearls.