High end jewellery maison Boghossian, which has showrooms in London, Switzerland and Hong Kong, has introduced new pieces from its Kissing and limited-edition Merveilles collections. David Brough reports.

Boghossian has launched new pieces from its Kissing and limited-edition Merveilles collections, testing the boundaries of its extraordinary jewellery making skills.

The Kissing Collection is based on an innovative jewellery setting technique, whereby two gems “embrace” one another to create perfect light. Set above one another, the stones subtly touch and merge, magically revealing each other’s hues and beauty. The Kissing Collection tells the story of two gems: their purity, their simplicity, their glow, their refinement, in all of their beauty. Each piece from the collection is set in a minimal yet delicate design, giving more freedom to the gems and resulting in bold yet harmonious combinations of shapes and colours.

This new line pairs the better known gems – diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds – with the more unusual kunzites, beryls, rubellites and tanzanites.Like magic, the stones reflect to infinity. Hundreds of facets multiply the light and create combinations of pattern in perpetual motion.

Based in Geneva, Boghossian is known for its innovative craftsmanship techniques and expertise in rare coloured gems, creating jewels of immense sophistication.Boghossian has stores in Geneva (Rue du Rhône);
London (Old Bond Street and Harrods); Hong Kong Prince Building, and Gstaad Promenade; and is available on Net-a-Porter.

Fancy Vivid Yellow Pear-Shaped Diamond and Diamond Earrings

A pair of earrings, each exhibiting a Fancy Vivid Yellow pear-shaped diamond of 2.01 carats set over triangular diamonds. A pair of heart-shaped Fancy Vivid Orangey Yellow diamonds are set on each earring, married to fancy yellow small brilliant diamonds. 18 Karat white/yellow gold.

‘Kissing’ Lozenge Shaped Diamond, Ceylon Sapphire and Zambian Emerald Necklace

A ‘Kissing’ pendant with a 14.98-carat kite-shaped Zambian emerald, topped by a lozenge-shaped diamond, set over a 18.61-carat Ceylon cushion-shaped sapphire, topped by another kite-shaped Zambian emerald of 1.92 carats, each within a surround of diamonds. 18 Karat white gold.

‘Kissing’ Mozambique Oval Shaped Paraiba and Aquamarine Ring

A pair of ‘Kissing’ earrings with a 2.04-carat oval-shaped diamond, F colour VS1 clarity set over a 16.38-carat oval-shaped Paraiba tourmaline, a 1.02-carat pear-shaped diamond, G colour, SI1 clarity, and small brilliant diamonds. 18 Karat white gold.


The Limited Edition Merveilles Icicle, with its modern elongated shape, is a jewel of contemporary understated elegance. The Merveilles Icicle unveils a suite of coloured jewels that transform timeless styles into contemporary and colourful designs. The unique concept behind the Merveilles Collection, which launched in 2017, is the near-invisible setting of gemstones on all surfaces, producing tapered and curved architecture of interlocking gems.

With this Limited Edition, the Icicle has been re-imagined to showcase a myriad of colours, designed into a spiral or gradient style. Becoming an exquisite earring, a dazzling long sautoir or pendant necklace, the Icicle is set on all sides with the shimmering colourful gleam of stones. The “Spiral” gives the illusion of an Icicle dancing around the delicate features of a woman.

The light is captured from every angle, waltzing through the matching colours, in a perfectly choreographed iridescence.