Izmestiev Diamonds is a brand known worldwide for its jewelry. In our interview with Sergey Izmestiev, the founder of the Russian brand, which has managed to attract attention with its original designs at prestigious exhibitions and competitions, we talked about important issues.

As the founder of Izmestiev Diamonds, you create extraordinary designs with rare colored gemstones. What makes you different from other jewelry brands across Russia?

I have never compared our precious products with other jewelry brands. I’m just doing what I love and enjoy. The focus of our business is on designing high-quality jewelry, providing attention to detail, and using beautiful, high-quality, precious stones of our choice. Our customers, who follow their hearts when choosing jewelry, personally give importance to this kind of jewelry.

It takes a long time to grow from a jewelry workshop to a big company and you have done it in a few years. How have you progressed in these years with your luxury jewelry house?

We have a great deal of experience in this field and a large number of completed projects, while many others are still in the planning phase. Nevertheless, I don’t think our brand is big, we have a long way to go in this area. My journey with jewelry started with diamonds. In 2000, right after graduating from the Moscow State Technical University named after Nikolay Bauman, I opened my production company engaged in diamond cutting and manufacturing. Rough diamonds were supplied by the Alrosa and Gokhran companies. The gemstones, which were cut and polished into diamonds, were sold not only in the Russian market but also in the USA, Israel, Belgium, and China. Over time, my social circle found out that I dealt with diamonds and asked me to design diamond rings and earrings. That’s why I started the production of the first jewelry. My first designs were simple and generally resembled the classic models that have become icons over time. But after a while, I decided to create jewelry of my own design. In 2006, I registered my own brand, Izmestiev Diamonds, and since then all the jewelry bears my name. In 2010, I opened my first store and included colored gemstones in my jewelry design collection. We launched new collections and continuously expanded the range of jewelry.

Your first collection was “Art Deco”. How did the styles and forms of the 1920s influence you and were you able to reflect the spirit of this era in your designs?

Art Deco is one of the most flamboyant and understandable styles. With its ideal orderliness, bold geometric lines, and ethnic patterns, it leads us to the luxury and eclecticism of the 1920s. That’s why we decided to design our first collection in Art Deco style.

You launched your “Japanese Garden” collection to express the beauty of stones through artistic design. The collection was designed from sketches inspired by paintings by Japanese artists. Was it difficult to reflect the Far Eastern culture in jewelry?

Each product in the “Japanese Garden” collection was designed according to sketches drawn based on the works of Japanese painters. Here we have tried to highlight memorable looks of nature using unusual geometry and color palettes. The collection has won and been nominated for several prestigious awards, in addition to worldwide recognition. The design of the jewelry in the collection was developed in collaboration with Anna Pinchuk, a teacher, artist, and designer whose skills are highly regarded by domestic and foreign jewelers. Each piece of the collection is full of feminine aesthetics and floral motifs. Peonies, irises, magnolias, lilies, sakura, and even a dragon; all these traditional Japanese symbols appear one after the other in the jewelry. The richness of the color palette, the magnificent combination of colored gemstones, pearls, enamel, and gold are harmoniously conveyed.

In addition to high jewelry collections, Izmestiev Diamonds has also released products for men, children’s jewelry, and a wedding collection. How did you come up with the idea to appeal to all ages?

Children’s jewelry came out quite naturally. I have two daughters and I wanted to design beautiful jewelry for them with the same quality and professional but also serious approach as we design for adults and I think I have achieved that. The collections for brides and men have been created according to the customers’ wishes. We give them the opportunity to present themselves according to their wishes. I also love creating new jewelry with a unique design because it takes as much effort and energy to reproduce a piece of jewelry, but you can never get the same creative pleasure from a new design.

What innovations await jewelry lovers in the near future? Could you give us a little hint about your new collection?

We are currently working on a new collection designed with unusual and standard outer cuts, different colored diamonds, in short, diamonds with a brand-new look, which will also reflect my craftsmanship.