In this interview, we will take a journey to the United Kingdom, home to great brands such as “Graff”, “Garrard”, “David Morris”, “Monica Vinader” and “Stephen Webster” in the jewellery industry. The two talented founders of “Harvey Owen”, one of the newest jewellery brands in the UK, talked exclusively to GBM about their long-standing friendship, their careers, their unique designs, and their new goals.

Hallam Harvey and Owen Bather… These two names were recognized about 2 years ago with a fi ne jewellery brand. How did the creation story of “Harvey Owen” begin?

We started designing and making beautifully crafted jewellery years ago, focusing on solitaires and wedding rings. We created word-of-mouth and a clear aesthetic for our precious pieces. We knew we were a
brand in the making and offi cially launched “Harvey Owen” in 2020. We had a career spanning over a decade at fi ne jewellery and luxury fashion brands such as “Stephen Webster” and “Tom Ford”. We have combined our experiences to create innovative, modern designs with exquisite craftsmanship at the heart of our “British” brand. From jewellery design to photography, PR, and marketing, we run a small family business with just the two of us taking care of everything. Our modern approach to art, using a mix of rose cut, fancy cut, and traditional cut diamonds, makes us a contemporary brand. Our designs are inspired by our hometown, London, whose energy and architecture we celebrate every moment, as does our happy marriage. Our two loves – London and jewellery blend effortlessly together.

Pendants are often the standout pieces in your simple yet elegant jewellery… In the “Halo” collection we actually get to see a series of pendants with numbers, symbols, and inscriptions. What makes this project special?

Our “Halo” collection consists of traditional signet rings and pendants. We love that each piece of jewellery has a story and meaning, whether it’s a family heirloom or a gift to yourself to achieve your goals. They all have a personal story behind them, and we wanted to design a line of jewellery that could be hand engraved to make them unique to their wearer. The engravings range from pet portraits to star signs, traditional family crests, and monogrammed initials. Each engraving is personal, and we love designing handmade engravings and bringing our customers’ ideas to life.

Which countries outside the UK are you aiming to open franchises in?

We would like to offer our collection worldwide. Having defined our aesthetic with our signature collections (Hex, Hues, and Halo) our business is slowly growing. We are currently looking for distributors
both in the UK and internationally, with our biggest market being the US.

Most recently you introduced your “Hues” collection of pendants and featured preciouscoloured stones in these designs. How did you decide to make such a change?

We always wanted to create the playful “Hues” collection with contrasting colours and collected sapphires over the years. Each gemstone was too gorgeous to pass up. Really unique in the
collection are the unusual rosecut, portrait, and rectangular-cut sapphires that feature a range of colours and shapes. We matched the sapphires in the centre of the pendant with the other sapphires
around the perimeter to really let the colours shine. We wanted to design a collection of unique pieces, and we are confident that the collection will grow as we see more and more beautiful sapphires.

What is “Harvey Owen” aiming for 2023 and what can we expect from the future in terms of new collections?

We are very excited about 2023. We have decided that we want to grow our “Hues” collection as we look for more stunning sapphires and we are also working on some exciting special projects. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us.