Zenıth DEFY Extreme Desert – The raw beauty of the desert

The Swiss manufacture Zenith has combined watchmaking and photography in the presentation of the new exclusive DEFY Extreme Desert series. The presentation was held in Paris in collaboration with naturalist photographer Kurosh Keynejad.

The watch was presented surrounded by photographs of the photographer, which depicted the pristine beauty of the desert. These images complemented the idea of ​​working with sunlight, which is relevant to watchmaking, and in particular to the DEFY Extreme Desert series.

The Zenith watch model reinterprets the monolithic chronograph and achieves measurement accuracy up to 1/100th of a second. It is both an ultra-precise watch and a work of art. The design of the watch with a titanium case echoes the horizon in the sand.

The model is presented in 50 pieces, and each of them is truly unique, which is facilitated by the unique color and special structure of the fibers of each of the stones. The El Primero 21 movement can be seen through the open dial.

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