The most popular jewelry styles of Maluma

The singer proves that men can and even need to wear bright and large jewels. The Colombian singer has gained worldwide fame after the joint track Medellín with Madonna. In live preformance he appears with an earring in his ear, large gold rings and medallions.

Along with the fame and success came the desire to experiment with style. The singer is helped in this by stylist Julian Rios, who offered him not the image of a conservative Colombian man, bright prints, unusual silhouettes and, most importantly an abundance of accessories, which has now become a signature technique.

The classics are golden chains sprinkled with shining stones. The singer wears them often and in large quantities, but at the same time he doesn’t forget about rings or carnations in his ears.

So, about carnations. Maluma wears one with a small pebble as a nose piercing. It would seem that such a puncture is a controversial decision; it may look ridiculous and strange. But for some reason it works here.

Supported the singer and the trend for men in pearls. And he apparently liked it very much, because he began to wear pearl necklaces even more often than chains and medallions. Our favorite option is a vintage Chanel pearl necklace with a neon yellow long sleeve. Although the pearl buttons with the letter charms that form the singer’s name look great too.