Fawaz Gruosi’s story is one of the most astonishing examples of how an ordinary man can reach into incredibly high ranks and change the world thanks to the freshness and innovativeness of his ideas and actions.
Born into an Italian and Lebanese family in 1952, Fawaz Gruosi moved to Italy with his mother when he was nine years old and he has always told off his admiration for the natural landscapes and architecture of this unique geography in his designs. In 1978, Gruosi got a job offer from Harry Winston, one of the most famous jewelry brands in America and went to Saudi Arabia, a petroleum center at the time. The designer who worked at the sales department made a great contribution for Harry Winston to become popular in the Middle East and Arab countries. Fawaz who continued his career in Bulgari later on dedicated his seven years there and had the chance of meeting notable people from the art world and high society in this period.

After leaving Bulgari due to personal reasons, Fawaz Gruosi decided to create his own jewelry brand. With a very small amount of original capital, Gruosi opened a small jewelry shop with his two friends in 1993 and the company was named after De Grisogono, one of the business partners in the company. At first, the product range only consisted of jewelry of the brands that were popular at the time, however, they gradually needed new designs of their own. Making use of his knowledge on jewelry of many years, Fawaz Gruosi knew exactly what his buyers wanted – now it was his time to surprise and offer something really special. Purchasing all the shares of De Grisogono Jewelry House which soon turned into the favorite brand in the red carpet, Gruosi became the only shareholder of the company.

Gruosi loves reflecting the soul of the architectural structures and natural landscapes on his jewels. He knows how geometrical shapes will form a dynamic, spiral circles slide on the finger as if embracing it and he attributes a full Fine Jewelry vibe to a simple design pearl drop necklace by adding a strong and confident character.

Fawaz Gruosi managed to challenge his rivals not only with his different and bold designs and heavily-budgeted jewels but also with the black diamond jewelry collection he released. Up until then, the black diamond had rarely been used in the jewelry industry and was not considered as very powerful. The pieces with black diamond presented by the brand De Grisogono were exclusively designed for women who were always ready to try on and not afraid of taking a risk. The jewels which broke the taboos with their confident and feminine silhouettes channeled varying characters with their conformist manners. Black diamonds added a soaring price to the popularity they gained thanks to Gruosi.

Celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Sharon Stone, Cara Delevingne, Ornella Muti, Cheryl Cole, Irina Shayk, Nina Agdal, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa wear the unique jewels of the brand De Grisonogo whether they are in a red carpet ceremony or in a simple promotion night. However, for years the muse and favorite of Gruosi has been the Hollywood star, Sharon Stone. It is impossible not to understand the shiny and large jewels which this iconic woman combines her classic dresses and costumes with carrying the sign of Fawaz Gruosi.
In 2018, the designer resigned from the CEO position of the brand De Grisogono and brought the best jewelers, cutters and craftsmen he has been working with since the 1990s together in Fawaz Gruosi workshop which is named after him. Today, he is checking up every piece of work and examining every little detail just like he did years ago, and tirelessly satisfying his fans with his new products.

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