the Collectıon Crafted Around the Cruzeıro Mıne’s Brazılıan Gemstones

The Julls x Cruzeiro collection comprises designs from Bia Tambelli, Carolina Neves, Casa Castro, Fiszman Jewel, and Loxus Joias. 
It features 15 pieces, ranging in price from $9,660 to $133,700.  Julls works with Brazilian independent jewelry designers to introduce and represent them in international markets. 
The Cruzeiro mine, located in Minas Gerais, Brazil, has been managed by the Neves family since 1982, when brothers Antonio and Jose Neves acquired it and founded Nevestones. 
They sold almost everything they had to support their vision, but it wasn’t long before they were rewarded with big finds.  

The mine is located in a mineral-rich area that produces several different gems, including quartz, morganite, and aquamarine, but it’s tourmaline that really put the mine on the map. Consistently averaging eight tons of tourmaline per year and producing for more than four decades has made Cruzeiro the “world’s most productive tourmaline mine,” Guild Gem Lab said in a 2019 article. Of those eight tons of tourmaline per annum, about 40 percent is black tourmaline, 30 percent is green, 20 percent is pink, 5 percent is blue or indicolite, and 5 percent is rubellite.  The collaboration marks Cruzeiro’s first with Julls, which chose the mine not only for the quality of its gems but also because its fair mining practices and reputation in the international gem market made it the right partner to help showcase the chosen designers. 

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