Tasaki’s new pearl and diamond jewelry from the new Danger Collection

Spikily formed diamonds join pearls in earrings, necklaces and rings on which glint sets of dazzling teeth, while tennis necklaces and bracelets are given a thorny edge. ‘The “Danger” diamonds, a new line to the “Danger” collection, embrace the edgy with the luxe,’ the brand says. ‘Using diamonds set with the thorn motif, the design emphasises a sharp beauty while creating a captivating and wild silhouette. The setting is carefully designed to capture maximum light and the mysterious design ensures that the jewellery emanates the utmost sparkle when worn.

For the first time, pearl necklaces are welcomed into the collection, with long necklaces and chokers embellished with the distinctive golden spike. Other pieces embody a playful fierceness, with the new ‘Danger Trap’ design setting pearls on the point of snapping shut.

The “Danger” designs are the perfect contrast between the softness of the pearl and striking edges of the danger motif, which requires a delicate balance of craftsmanship and savoir faire,’ the brand adds. ‘The collection unveils a new contemporary and creative world of unique pearls and diamond creations, embracing edgy designs for an everyday style.

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