Star Lanka launches B2C Market platform JewelryReady connecting jewellery designers to leading gemstone dealers

Bangkok-based gemstone specialist Star Lanka has launched a new subsidiary B2C marketplace platform known as JewelryReady. The platform connects jewellery designers to leading gemstone dealers providing the consumer with unique and bespoke creations.
“The biggest hurdle every designer faces is investing in gemstones,” says Suhail Salahudeen, Founder of JewelryReady and Gem Consultant of Star Lanka. “In an industry where the purchase of gems and jewellery requires capital investment in inventory and metals, JewelryReady provides designers access to a full range of gemstones, and the jewellery is made to order when there is a successful sale.” The focus is on creating exceptionally crafted fine jewelry in 18k gold. “We help consumers select the finest gemstones together with a range of designs, taking them through the jewellery manufacturing process with efficiency and ease,” he says. Fine gemstones include certified natural rubies, sapphires, emeralds to Paraiba tourmalines, all colours of garnets and beryls. Gems are set into designs using built-in artificial intelligence software, providing designers multiple options to showcase a range of gemstone alternatives to potential clients. “This advanced technology allows the gems to be placed into the designs, thus generating a realistic 3D CAD representation of the finished jewellery,” added Salahudeen.
JewelryReady has announced new collaborations with emerging artists like Iranian born Mina Ameri of Mina Jewelry, Narges Zand, and Thai designer Bhornnipa Thongkome of Bhorn Jewelry. “These first three talented designers all have integrity and individual style in their creative process.”
JewelryReady is currently looking to partner with more designers, inviting passionate amateurs and freelance creators in the effort to further expand their portfolio and outreach. Salahudeen chose the first round of designers based on their sketches and aesthetics. Every individual that joins JewelryReady is vetted by the company’s team of gemstone and jewelry production experts. The JewelryReady platform provides them their own profile page, individual maker’s mark, and links to their social media channels, which they can cross-promote, and receive exposure. Salahudeen explained “our team helps with listing the designs on our website. Buyers can contact designers directly from their page for custom projects and we help to promote their work for sale.”
“Designers have full control and rights to their creations.” Moving forward, JewelryReady plans to add more talented jewelry artists and expand on collections.

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