Shınıng ultravıolet lıght on your wrıst – Zenıth Defy El Prımero 21

Violet is the most intense radiation perceived by the human eye.  This rich tone was chosen for the design of the flagship high-frequency chronograph Zenith Defy El Primero 21. Its ultra-modern caliber El Primero 21 is inspired by the legendary El Primero – the first integrated automatic chronograph movement created by Zenith in 1969.

To highlight the purple Zenith movement with its famous star detail, the brand’s watchmakers have made the chronograph windows solid, keeping them gray. The watch can work without winding up to 50 hours. 44mm Defy case – with a matte sandblasted finish that accentuates the dark titanium details.

Complementing the purple hues of the open mechanism is a purple insert on a black rubber strap with a textured fabric