Pomellato presented “ıce” jewels ın Nudo Gelé collectıon

As if frozen topaz and chrysoprase is complement the gold rings, pendants and earrings from the Nudo Gelé collection. Italian jewelry brand Pomellato decided to create jewelry reminiscent of sweet refreshing sorbet. In the Nudo Gelé line the stones really seem to be frozen: topaz and chrysoprase are covered with matte frost, which the brand’s masters have created using a gel finish – a completely new technique for the Nudo collection.

Softly cut stones seem to glow from within. Nudo Gelé are made up of double or even triple layers of different minerals, each of which is seamlessly combined with the others, in total they create incredible colors.

Each piece is meticulously crafted in Pomellato’s own atelier from 100% responsibly procured gold, as the Italian Jeweler strives for a sustainable future.

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