Pıanegonda: New Collectıon and Campaıgn Exclusıvely Presented durıng Mılan Fashıon Week

 A glamorous launch confirmed the innovative character of Pianegonda during Milan Fashion Week – in the official calendar of Camera Nazionale della Moda and partner of Camera Buyer Italia. The exclusive event presented the new collection and the 2024 campaign with Anna Cleveland, ambassador of the brand for the second year.

Pianegonda welcomed in the Boutique in Via Gesù many guests including national and international influencers and celebrities from the world of fashion, television, cinema, and music such as Nina Zilli, Francesca Sofia Novello, Nick Cerioni, Emanuel Caserio, Chiara Vinci, Leonardo Hanna Azrak, Nikki Culpeper. The numerous attendees admired the best-selling Assoluto collection, designed by Betony Vernon and expanded with new jewelry in silver, leather and stones, as well as a capsule collection made entirely of 18kt gold and precious stones.Pianegonda celebrates the courage to dare and embraces the beauty of diversity and freedom of expression through its creations, which are increasingly gaining recognition in the international jewelry design industry.