Ottolınger – The young German brand ıs desıgned jewels “staıned” ın paınt

Christina Bosch, Cosima Gadient and their brand Ottolinger became semi-finalists in the LVMH 2018 competition, and for just three years the girls made their brand one of the most interesting brands in the world.

They met while studying, after graduation moved to Berlin and launched the brand. Above the doorbell at the entrance to the studio they rented, there was a sign with the name of its owner – Ottolinger. In order not to confuse the couriers who regularly delivered something to them, Christina and Cosima decided to call the brand that way.

Their brand is based on “reconstruction”. Despite the fact that Ottolinger is a young brand, so it is hard to call it “small”. Christa and Cosima have already held four shows in Paris and one presentation in Berlin. The world fashion magazines are already writing about them, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Bella Hadid, and Dua Lipa are already at the forefront of the brand’s fans.