Everyone ıs crazy about the jewelry of the new Ukraınıan brand Nomıs

Nomis is positioning itself as a brand of truly modern jewelry: jewelry that isn’t necessarily created only for a special occasion, combined with other jewelry and meets ethical production standards.

Designer of jewellery brand Alena Kiperman works only with man-made stones: in the Nomis collection you can see laboratory emeralds, diamonds and sapphires, which are highly valued in the field of precision measuring instruments and the space industry.

So the basis for all Alena’s experiments with materials of the future is the timeless classic – 18 carat gold.

Jewellery needles with inlay are also made of it: you can wear them in countless ways – it is limited only by your imagination and the number of punctures in your ear. Multifunctionality is the second most important brand principle. Each item in the collection can be worn as an earring, ring, pendant or bracelet.

Put rings with colored stones on several phalanges at once, combine different colors of metals and feel free to mix the piercing with classic gold.