Mark Patterson -A brand that faıthful to famıly tradıtıons

Mark and Josette Patterson have been quietly collaborating and spearheading innovations under the Mark Patterson brand name for over 35 years. The husband and wife team first met while studying at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Santa Monica, before that venerable institution moved to its current Carlsbad headquarters.

These events allowed Mark’s technical acumen at the bench and his discerning eye for quality gemstones and diamonds, and Josette’s sophisticated approach to design, to continue to evolve and expand. Throughout the years, the two ushered in several breakthrough techniques that are now considered de rigueur within the industry, such as setting gemstones in gradations in colors for an ombré effect in their Intensity collection, or playing with color in daring ways that evoke the jubilant fervor of festival lights in their Samba collection.

Now considered a doyen of engagement and bridal jewelry, the Mark Patterson brand continues to thrive under its foundational principles of never compromising and continually pushing aesthetic and technical boundaries in traditional jewelry design. It is there that their legacy continues, and where they quietly maintain their commitment to excellence and beauty.

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