Need to know about the Italian brand Bea Bongıasca

Bea Bongiasca jewels seems frivolous only at first glance – it’s about bright colors and bizarre shapes. But nine carat gold is hidden under the bright enamel, and the stone that is placed on the Bea Bongiasca ring is at least semi-precious.

Bea Bongiasca jewelry is made in Pesaro, on the Adriatic coast, where Bea found a workshop that not only perfectly masters traditional jewelry craftsmanship, but also flirts with modern technology.

“Pesaro isn’t included to the classic “Jewelry trilogy” (Valenza, Vicenza and Arezzo), but I decided to make my jewelry exactly there – in a jewelry studio, where they periodically work on a 3D printer. This is the combination of old and new that I love,” -sayed Bea.

Bea launched her brand back in 2013, and already in 2017 entered the European Forbes rating “30 to 30”.

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