Natasha lıbelle – Breezes of Art Nouveau perıod, vıolet color as the representatıve of nobılıty and tımeless touches to hıstory

How does Natalia Shumakova define Libelle?
Natasha Libelle jewellery house was involved in the Russian jewellery sector on 30 October 2000 and has managed to get credit with rational and creative pieces for more than 20 years. Our approach to the art of jewellery is not changing; we consider the current trends, always follow fashion in order to stay trendy, make semi-precious stones such as malachite and mosaic agate, and preserve our recognizable style and DNA components such as dragonfly wings, stained-glass enamel, and Art Nouveau style. In my opinion, the signature style and main source of a jewel is the precious stone that emphasizes its story. In order to reveal this story, the skill and experience of only a few real stone-cutting craftsmen doing this work are helpful. The craftsman who delicately feels the uniqueness of the stone adds their first touches to the birth of a jewel. Every stone is individual, as unique as its future owner, but our main duty is to recognize and emphasize both!

The name Libelle of the Natasha Libelle brand means dragonfly. What kind of significance does this symbol have for you?
Dragonfly is one of the unmentioned symbols of the Art Nouveau movement for which Natasha Libelle’s jewellery house has a special devotion. The skill of airiness, elegance, transformation. The reason why we have chosen dragonfly which means good luck and happiness from the Antique ages to the present is the timeless source of inspiration and transformation into special designs. Our symbol and sign are the exceptional fourleaf-clover made of intertwined dragonfly wings. This is not only a corporate identity recognized by everyone but also a lucky charm combining two good luck symbols.

The color of your brand is deep violet. This color remains in precious stones, visuals, the invitations you organize, and your concept shootings.

Violet shade which belongs to the purple color group is mystical and ambiguous, works with the subconscious, symbolizes communication skills for delicate matters, inspires and stimulates the imagination. Parma violet is the brand’s signature flower and our fondness for this color has a meaning. Empress Josephine, Alexandra Fyodorovna the wife of the last Russian tsar Nicholas II Wolfgang von Goethe, and famous figures of different times are known for their fondness for violet. As a matter of fact, purple is a very sophisticated, favorite color of the Art Nouveau period and the new palette of the year called Very Peri.

Do you think of opening chain stores in the other cities of Russia except for Yekaterinburg and abroad and what kind of works do you carry out for the global status of your brand?
Before the pandemic, we were thinking about opening a few brands across the country. But now we have to adapt ourselves to the new rules proposed by the world. Today popularity and profitability are defined by online sales, and we are equal to them in line with the global trends. Natasha Libelle has established its brand name over the years and has been loved by customers coming from more than 70 cities in Russia for its naive style. We are constantly attending the biggest jewelry fairs, expanding this list, and thinking of going abroad soon. In case of the number of our branches increases, our main office will stay in Yekaterinburg which is the cradle of old Ural jewelry traditions and hereditary artisans.

We can see some details of the Art Nouveau movement in the jewels you have designed, how does this movement influence you?
Art Nouveau style in which we get inspiration from the thoughts in nature represents the beauty of smoothly flowing lines and is known as a unique art movement that bares its talent completely in flowers, precious stones, birds, and dragonflies. When I visited the exhibition of French jewellery designer Georges Fouquet, also known for his Art Nouveau works in Paris, I understood that this style was channeling the general idea of my jewelry house. I also designed the interior design of the store accordingly. Slanting flower stalks, peacock feathers, orchids, and lilies have been chosen as the eternal beauty Art Nouveau put on a pedestal and as our muse.

Where does Natalia take her inspiration from; is it colorful precious stones, nature, art, or someone special?
Ideas for new collections are usually formed during my travels. For instance, the mythology, paintings, songs of Australian Aborigins and Red World’s beauty and also the opals we brought from Coober Pedy inspired “Dream Time” collection, whereas the stars of Tibet sky inspired “Moonlight Sonata” collection, the oldest Kauri tree in New Zealand Kauri “Tree of Life” and Claude Monet’s Water Lilies painting was
the inspiration for our namesake collection. The biographical book about the British singer and actor Jane Birkin’s life story opened the door for “NB&NL.P.S.” collection, while we made a reference to an everlasting legend such as Pavel Bazhov’s tales in the “Lacy Tales” collection. I love and always go to museums, I also pass my devotion to art and history to my employees. So I find inspiration everywhere,
including museums, precious stone exhibitions, nature, literature, and any kind of strong impression that might be my source of opinion.

We’d like to get some clues about the latest collection of Libelle that will be released soon.
Now we are working on jewels that add a new level to the beauty of semi-precious stones in the “Transformation” collection. We chose stones like malachite or mosaic agate that fascinate with their patterns as the central elements for unique modern frames. These designs do not require a special technique, their natural beauty is the most striking emphasis. “Transformation” collection will be released along with the fashion collection exclusively created by the designer Nikita Baranov with whom we have collaborated. The show that has been combined with a common idea will be presented in a closed environment in March.