Dısruptıve watchmakıng: Klok-08 Mınım Klokers, transıtıve desıgn

Geneva, March 30 to April 3, 2022, ‘Time To Watches’ exhibition: Launch of Klok-08 Minim, a new collection that transcends the design values and playful spirit of Klokers, a watch brand manufactured under the Swiss made label.

A genuine concentrate of microtechnical complications beyond the obvious field of the caliber, the Klok-08 Minim watch from Klokers is distinctive for its hesalite glass endowed with a light-diffracting optical system. This transparent add-on is based on the Huygens-Fresnel principle to generate luminous effects on the dial: shadows, caustics, graphic splitting…
Its stripped display performs in neo-vintage mode the captures and the light leaks thanks to its squircle with 46 cones (mathematical union between a square and a circle). The ultra precision of a design dedicated to lovers of never static kinetics.

Inspired by emptiness, the sound of color and the dazzling patterns of light, this delectable Klok-08 Minim collection presents itself as the definition of the impermanent mystery.

Carrying the DNA of the brand, notably through the almost ritualistic gesture of conveying this temporal object from the wrist to the desk or to the shelf, this timepiece embodies the founding quest of a new iconic design.