Hıdden Gemstone rıngs: MAKE IT YOUR OWN

Carolin Stone Hıdden Gemstone rings are made bespoke to your needs, with hidden stones for inner strength.

Personalise your gold and silver rings with unique stones and properties that complete you, energize and kick-start your confidence to take on whatever life throws at you. Pass that exam, get that job, achieve your goals with Hidden Inner Strength Rings, each one with something extra, something to lean on, personalized with properties just for you. 

Carolin Stone believes in the power of natural gemstones, each with their unique properties. They create affordable, unique minimalist gemstone jewellery, some including hidden gemstones. Their customers can select their gemstones with the most suitable properties to fulfil their needs. Truly bespoke, personalised jewellery with the unique properties you require. Gemstone properties are hidden to the world but provide you with inner strength, something extra, only known to the wearer, something to lean on… Just for you.   Property of Sapphire: self-love Property of Topaz: communication Property of Smoky Quartz: stress relief Property of Amethyst for concentration.

Founder of Carolin Stone jewellery, Carolin Rossa designs jewellery that reflects women’s inner beauty and strength, using nature’s healing wonder – gemstones. With her international experiences in luxury fashion management and interior design, alongside her creative skills in jewellery, Carolin offers unique modern pieces, ethically sourced in silver & gold with gemstones.  It is Carolin’s vision to combine the wisdom of nature with fashion, through her modern and colourful pieces. Carolin has a mission: she wants to inspire the current movement in the world of women. It is her desire to support women on their journey of self-healing – to dissociate from the old structures and to enter into a new era of self-realization. She and her team work to support all women and to create caring jewellery.