Let’s decorate our ears wıth Ear Cuff and open thedoor of a free, strong, wınnıng and sparklıng vısıon

The role of some accessories in appearance should never be taken lightly: sometimes they do not only undertake the mission of an ornament but also have the characteristic of changing the appearance dramatically. As an alternative to earrings that adorn our ears, ear cuffs are not just a detail, they provide you the opportunity to express yourself and feel unique. They are everyone’s favorite on the red carpet, rather than a part of the everyday style. You can adapt this independent trend that celebrities wear on one ear to your own style. It’s up to you to choose from colorful, patterned, precious stoned ear cuffs or those that fully cover the ear. Other than putting a bright emphasis on hair, neck, and temples, the most notable advantage of this accessory is that it does not require an ear hole.

The close relationship of these accessories with high fashion can be explained as follows. For the relationship between fashion and ear cuff has turned into an intimate friendship in which both parties support each other. From glamorous Versace to minimalist Balmain, the representative of wealth Dolce&Gabbana to Tom Ford who reflects the clubbing style in the best way possible, we come across different versions of this rare ear emphasis detail in nearly all collections of many high fashion representatives.

Another example that displays the evolution of our perspective about Ear Cuffs is Red Carpets. Award Nights, Film Festivals, face control check-ins of After Parties, red carpet’s cool photo ceremonies and
other celebrity activities. Enjoying being the free-spirited actor of this chaos that heavily focuses on clothing as well as jewelry looks in recent years, ear cuffs are the lead actors from a scene of a celebrity’s
profile that will never get lost.

As a matter of fact, this high fashion trend cannot be considered as one of the discoveries of the modern world. First ear cuffs originate from the ancient period when wealthy nobles and rulers wore them as a sign of confidence. Today ear cuffs that belong to various historical periods are exhibited at Hermitage, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other famous museums across the world. Bohemians that represented a comfortable and ruleless trend in the 1970s made these types of earrings an essential part of their parties, the rise of ear cuffs was devoted to a new stage even for the cover models of
Vogue cover and visitors of the cult “Studio 54.” The modern jewelry sector offers a wide range of quality products with different designs. Metals such as gold, silver, platin as well as enamelcovered, transparent stoned or high carat stoned jewel ear cuffs give the chance to make a genderless choice and fully cover the ear from the ear-lobe to the top cartilage. The reason why men generally prefer a single ear cuff is that these types of touches add a different feel to the single earring look. On the other hand, women might make more extravagant choices. Although simpler choices tend to tip the scales in daytime fashion, maximal details are not extreme for a night look.

Jewelry and accessory brands in Turkey that focus on the local market have been mainly producing ear cuffs. Some of them include Piano, Serkan Ahlat, Mist, Bars, Kurshuni, Isou, BeeGoddess, Uzman, and
Kısmet by Milka. Combining creativity with craftsmanship, the ear jewelry of Turkish jewelry brands that have been launched into the world with these types of popular products attract attention.

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