The name of Marilyn Monroe, the indispensable blonde heroine of our birthdays, the fairskinned actress of Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, who caused a sensation with her every move and the sex symbol of the 1950s is somehow always related to attraction, wealth, and jewels. Let’s remember the brightest moments of cinema with accessories and precious pieces in her jewel box exclusively for the birthday of the iconic blonde which is on June 1.

Resetting the beauty standards of the era with cult looks in the films he starred, Marilyn always displayed an attractiven look with her fuzzy volumed platinum hair, long eyelashes, glowing skin, red lips, and mesmerizing jewels. Monroe who gave the answer “Just Chanel No5” when asked “what do you wear at night sleeping” is the heroine of the philosophy “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Singing the namesake song in the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, produced in 1953, Marilyn Monroe not only made this phrase a cult but also pioneered the unchanging rules of many women. As a matter of fact, the sex symbol of the ‘50s did not use those glamorous jewels that dazzled us in films in her daily life. Preferring plainer and trend accessories daily, Marilyn wore only 2 jewels til the end of her life. One of them was the 35-piece baguet cut diamond engagement ring given by her second husband Joe DiMaggio in 1954. The famous couple divorced after only eight months of marriage due to trust issues and jealousy. It was even rumored that the iconic scene in which Marilyn’s skirt had been levitated was the last straw. After Monroe’s death, this ring was auctioned on two occasions: in 1999 at Christie’s in New York, the ring that lacked a diamond was sold for 772.500 dollars and evaluated as 420.000 dollars at a Profiles in History auction in 2011.

Another authentic piece of jewelry in the collection is the Mikimoto pearl necklace given by DiMaggio as a gift on their honeymoon in Japan. Unlike the wedding ring, Marilyn used this necklace even after her divorce. The reason why the blonde beauty loved this jewel is that the 44 Akoya pearls that made up the necklace are accepted as the standard of perfection in the “mother-of-pearl” industry. During the promotion campaign of the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe wore a golden pleated dress by the American costume designer William Travilla. The actress did not hesitate to complete this already shiny look with golden chandelier earrings and a large ring. Surprisingly, both romantic clothes completed with elegant pearls and glowing and sometimes extreme golden shine were equally ideal for the star.

Everyone deserves to shine” – Marilyn Monroe loved to repeat this phrase over and over on purpose. Though having a large jewelry collection, the actress became the heroine of the most prestigious jewelry brands such as the legendary De Beers. With De Beers diamonds she wore in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Monroe displayed a genuine beauty, attractiveness, elegance and glamour, she even received the “Diamond’s best friend” award from the Jewelry Academy. The actress literally shined in almost every scene of the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. The ones that specifically deserve attention were the 25-carat diamond ring, ruby drop earrings, sapphire diamond ring, impressive pearled ring, and diamond earrings.

During a commercial campaign in 1953, Marilyn Monroe’s impressive necklace in the shape of a yellow pear became a byword. Meyer Jewellery Company chair Meyer Rosenbaum had lent this legendary 24.04-carat diamond to the actress. Originally belonging to a Hindu Maharaja, this enormous stone had a history of more than 500 years covered with legends and even curses. The necklace was sold for 1.339 dollars at Christie’s in 2018. The glamour Marilyn Monroe displayed throughout her career has contributed to the development of the jewelry sector to a large extent and has become an unceasing source of inspiration for the famous jewelry brands to this day.