Jawhara Jewellery & Natural Dıamond Councıl joın hands to promote the natural dıamond dream in UAE

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promote and support the natural diamond industry has partnered with leading jewellery brand, Jawhara Jewellery, to enhance aspiration and desire for natural diamonds in the United Arab Emirates. This intriguing collaboration will showcase the inherent and emotional value of this billion-year-old jewel and inform and educate people in the region about the integrity and heritage of diamonds, while celebrating innovations in the world of jewellery design and craftsmanship.

Natural diamonds make for the perfect accessories for moments both big and small, and are ideal modern heirlooms that can be cherished by generations to come. Through this partnership, NDC and Jawhara will work together to celebrate this miracle of nature in all its glory. The collaboration will further shine a light on how their real beauty lies in the good that natural diamonds do for the world; empowering and enriching communities, the environment, the people and the countries they are found in.

David Kellie, CEO, Natural Diamond Council said, “Natural diamond jewellery seamlessly straddles between tradition and modernity and we are here to shine a light on this elegant gem. With this collaboration, we are excited to highlight the incredible innovation happening throughout the world of natural diamonds, while celebrating the integrity and ethics of our wonderful industry.”

Richa Singh, Managing Director, Natural Diamond Council, India & Middle East said, “With this collaboration with Jawhara we are enthralled to showcase the sparkling world of natural diamonds – from style, celebrities, inspiring design as well as our sustainability initiatives. With Jawhara’s incredible designs, we will create more opportunities to celebrate personal connections and meaningful moments.”

Muhammad Tamjid Abdullah, Deputy CEO, Spokesperson of Jawhara Jewellery said, “Ushering in modern aesthetics interwoven with tradition, we are excited to collaborate as a trusted partner of Natural Diamond Council in the UAE region to showcase the incredible legacy of natural diamonds and the positive social contribution they make to the world.”

Through this collaboration, NDC and Jawhara will inspire and educate consumers on the world of diamond jewellery as well as the emotional value and heritage that natural diamonds personify.