Creativity isn’t best appreciated from a distance, but when it’s right in front of you. Kitchen utensils, fruits, vegetables, and other products that we constantly rely on and are inseparable from our lives are making their way onto the runways and into the jewelry industry. New trends make edible goods wearable, and fashion forms a force of self-expression that is as bold as a cocktail and as appetizing as a multi-course menu. Fruit-themed necklaces and earrings are leading this season’s jewelry trends, but you can also achieve this aesthetic with jewelry inspired by kitchen supplies.

Designer Nadine Ghosn, who launched her eponymous jewelry brand in 2015, is known for her collaborations with celebrities like Beyoncé and Karl Lagerfeld. Her latest collection, “Youtensils”, showcases the creativity of kitchenware. Spoons and forks are transformed into curved jewelry bracelets. Cufflink bracelets reflect Ghosn’s playful take on everyday life.

New York artist and architect Harry Nuriev, founder of Crosby Studios, which brings modern designs to the world, has proven his talent for crafting accessories from precious stones. The earrings which feature a minimalist spoon, fork, and knife are a kind of fulfillment of a fantasy in the kitchen. The unisex design is a reaction to the limited use of the trio of kitchen tools, intended to give them a look beyond their immediate purpose and increase their popularity as an accessory.

An ode to crisp fall weather from de signer Collina Strada, a leader in the new eco-living movement, this bag made from real broccoli is a stunning combination of craftsmanship and culinary aesthetics. A longtime celeb rity favorite, Collina Strada pays homage to the elegance of nature with her eco-friendly designs. A favorite in our soups and salads, the green broccoli can answer the question, “How do you make it from the kitchen to the run way?” All it needs is a chain strap and a pair of artificial stones.

Fruit and vegetable-inspired jewelry has been on a steady rise in recent months, with exotic pieces adding a sophisticated touch to everything from denim models to white jeans and T-shirts. Jacquemus’ cherry necklace and earring set, debuted at the Palace of Versailles fashion show, and Altuzarra’s bright lemon print are among the new couture collections.