Hugo Kreıt – Exceptıonal harmony of precıous stones and metals with synthetıc materıals

Jewelry as an industry has always been distinguished from other industries by the fact that it abides by its own rules. In recent years, the harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and modern technology has welcomed creativity from networks of all sizes. Dividing the materials used in design into the noble and the unconventional, such as gemstones and metals, does not prevent new ideas from being born. New brands are not only changing the rules that have been established for years but also taking the lead with unconventional ideas and designs. Paris-based Hugo Krait is one such innovative brand.

Founded in 2020 by designer Hugo Kreit, the eponymous brand playfully and effectively combines elements that, at first glance, might not seem to go together in its collections. Viewing jewelry as a meeting of the body and art, Hugo offers a timeless approach that challenges classic beauty. The designer uses unusual materials and surfaces such as hard and soft polymers, liquid chrome, resin, and rubber in her jewelry, exploring the relationship between organic and artificial, digital and traditional craftmanship. With a background in industrial design, Hugo has previously led teams of exhibition planners for global brands such as Hermès, Dior, and Jacquemus. His successful signature, combined with new technologies and ideas, is recognized as a pioneer of a very important evolution in the fashion industry.

“I use resins, polymers, aluminum, brass, liquid chrome but also fresh pearls, hematite, crystal, and agate beads. I choose materials for their visual impact and the way they feel. Combining them is the most difficult part of the work. After all, I think of the materials according to the design I create in my mind.”, says Hugo Kreit explaining his work routine.

The brand’s debut collection “Tears” features futuristic designs that you wouldn’t expect from jewelry, such as earrings that melt like tears and necklaces with neon colored knots. The brand follows the same approach in its next collection, combining gemstones, metals, and synthetic materials in bright colors and futuristic shapes. With new experiments, Hugo Krait gives free rein to his creativity with twisted spiralearrings, giant cuffs, unisex chokers, and transparent earrings and necklaces with flower and butterfly motifs.

The outcome is that Kreit not only works wonderfully with other global brands but also with his own brand. For Nina Ricci’s first collection, Harris Reid created a line of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces inspired by the famous “L’air du Temps” perfume bottle. Each piece in the collection resembles a crystal dove flying high and became a memorable detail in the Paris Fashion Week show.