Buccellatı pays homage to Caprı ın new collectıon of specıal edıtıon bangles

Buccellati is launching a special edition of its famous bangles that are inspired by the abundance of colours, scents and flavours the Italian island of Capri has to offer.

The collection includes six pieces that take their inspiration from the colour contrasts of this special area, ultimately becoming symbols of the island itself. Each Capri Bangle is unique in its combination of stones and enamels, allowing customers to express their own characters and personalities through the accessories.

The bangles are made from white and yellow gold, accompanied with brightly coloured enamel and diamonds. The Capri Bangles Special Edition collection can be purchased exclusively in the two Buccellati boutiques in Capri: the historic boutique in Via Camerelle, and at the brand new boutique opened this year at Hotel La Palma. The new boutique at Hotel La Palma is “a place of great charm” and is historically frequented by poets, writers, painters and musicians.

Nicknamed the ‘Hotel of the Artists’, Hotel La Palma houses is a jewel within a jewel and conveys the vibrations of the island of Capri, the brilliant sunlight, the splendor of the colors and the scent of the sea. Founded in 1919 in Milan by Mario Buccellati, the brand continues to be family-owned and operated. The Buccellati style is that of art jewellery, steeped as it is in over a hundred years of tradition. It is synonymous with unique pieces inspired by the Middle Ages or the Renaissance.

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