HRD Antwerp Relaunches Operatıons ın Turkısh Dıamond Market wıth 35 mıllıon TRY Investment

Arzu Özer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading organization in diamond certification, came together with the publications of the jewelry industry at Seraf Mahmutbey Restaurant on March 21 for an iftar dinner.

Arzu Özer shared information about HRD Antwerp’s decision to take place in Turkey by re-evaluating the potential of our country, which is one of the 5 largest jewelry markets in the world, and stated that the new laboratory, which was initially established for diamond jewelry valuation, is currently operating in Turkey with the employment of 6 professional gemologists.

Passport-like Unique Identity Number, Banknote-Level Security Certificate

Arzu Özer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of HRD Antwerp Turkey, stated that diamond certification is an extremely important and sensitive process and explained this process step by step as follows: “Every diamond that reaches HRD Antwerp is accepted by creating an untraceable identification number. Thus, the grading is 100 percent brand-independent and objective. The diamonds are subjected to a series of independent chain processes by experts and analyzed for what we call the 4Cs: carat, color, clarity and cut. For each diamond, a unique identification number is engraved with a micro laser. This number is the diamond’s passport, allowing it to be traced through our worldwide database. This provides a unique security advantage for the analyzed diamond. Once the grading process is complete, the diamond is sealed and a certificate is issued. The certificates issued are impossible to replicate, combining a number of security elements used in existing banknotes. This whole process means a contribution to exports for Turkish jewelers and international validity for consumers. In other words, if you sell a diamond jewelry sold abroad with HRD certification, you provide more added value to both the brand and Turkey, and from an individual point of view, when you go abroad, the diamond jewelry you wear will have recognition and value all over the world thanks to its certificate.”

We firmly believe that HRD Antwerp will emerge victorious from the legal processes

Arzu Özer stated that HRD Antwerp, seeing the potential in Turkey, stepped into Istanbul by establishing a partnership in 2015, became the favorite of brands with its know-how and experience, but left the market due to a managerial disagreement with its partner. Arzu Özer stated that today, legal processes continue on behalf of HRD Antwerp both in Turkey and in Belgium, but it does not prevent them from doing any business and transactions in Turkey.

New Laboratory Equipped with the Latest Technology at International Standards Established in Turkey

Arzu Özer said that Turkey exported diamond jewelry worth 419 million dollars last year and that there was a very large sales volume in the domestic market, although it could not be calculated; “HRD Antwerp started to receive requests from Turkish jewelers even after it withdrew from our country. Numerous certification requests were received in the last 1.5 years. Therefore, it was decided to re-establish, restructure and serve HRD Antwerp in Turkey in line with the existing potential. We have employed 6 professional gemologists in the first stage for our new laboratory for diamond jewelry valuation. As of the second half of the year, we are planning to provide bare stone valuation services, for which we will make a separate investment.”

Turkey is Included in the Oldest and Most Comprehensive International Jewelry Design Competition

Arzu Özer, who gave the good news that Turkey is also included in the HRD Antwerp Design Awards, the oldest and most comprehensive jewelry design competition in the international arena, which was first held in 1985 and held every 2 years; “Applications will be received from Turkey for the 19th HRD Antwerp Design Competition, which will be held in 3 different categories: Precious Stones, Diamonds and Accessories, and the award ceremony will be held in Istanbul in May 2025. Last year, 1554 designers from 65 countries participated in this competition with 1687 designs, which provides a great opportunity especially for young designers globally.”

Arzu Özer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of HRD Antwrep Turkey, concluded her speech by stating that they would like to contribute to the growth of the Turkish jewelry market and to pass it on to future generations.

Half a Century of History in Diamond Trading and Diamond Processing

Today, Antwerp has been known for quality diamond trading and diamond processing since the mid-1400s. HRD Antwerp, which celebrates its 51st anniversary this year, was the first diamond laboratory to make scientific research available to the diamond markets.

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