Hearts On Fıre’s new VELA jewellery collectıon marrıes art and scıence to create the optımum sparkle

If you’ve ever been in the position to be shopping for diamond jewellery, you’ll know that achieving that perfect sparkle isn’t something that just happens when you inset a beautiful gemstone inside of casted fine metal. It’s a mastery of cut – angled just right so that it catches the light, reflecting and refracting for an intense and multi-faceted shine. And it’s an expert skill at the very core of the philosophy behind the fine jewellers at Hearts On Fire.

Since 1996, the diamond jewellers at Hearts On Fire have been internationally recognised for the unparalleled sparkle of their patented, signature cut diamonds. Taking their name from the eight flawless ‘hearts’ visible at the top of each diamond, they’ve set the standard for diamond cutting excellence, producing some of the world’s most perfectly cut stones. Sourcing optically pure and responsible, conflict-free diamonds and fine metals, each collection is a testament to the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and  precision.

Hearts On Fire’s new VELA collection is a fresh and modern take on the timeless appeal of diamond jewellery. Inspired by the idea of ‘love taking flight’, each piece has been carefully casted, moulded and set using the soft curves and swooping lines of a wing, incorporating a feather motif across all eleven pieces of the VELA collection in unique and subdued ways.

The collection’s diamond engagement rings subtly mirror the lightness of a floating feather through their winged settings, engineered with no bridge and minimal metal that allows for a 360-degree all-angles view of the stone it holds aloft.

The VELA collection also features a feather-like pavé cocktail ring that wraps softly around the finger, a delicate pendant necklace featuring two interlocking feathers – a symbolic symbiosis of two hearts – and a pair of dangling diamond drop earrings featuring an elongated climber shape, that shimmer as the wearer moves.

Throughout, the French-cut pavé setting, or ‘fishtail pavé’ as it’s sometimes known, is a key design element. It takes four times as long to craft these fishtail pavé settings than it does than regular pavé, an involved process of delicate and deep shaped facets on the metal next to each gemstone. It’s a technique that showcases the masterful craftsmanship, precision and execution that has rendered Hearts On Fire diamond jewellery unparalleled in the fine jewellery landscape.