Balencıaga Fall 2024 Collectıon Is an Ode to LA Lıvıng

Balenciaga held a runway presentation for its Fall 2024 collection in Los Angeles, California this weekend. Serving as the luxury fashion house’s first show in the city, Balenciaga took over a palm tree-lined street leading to the famed Hollywood sign and delivered a show scored by BFRND. The evocative soundtrack also featured a custom track featuring multiple voiceovers, illustrating Demna’s interpretation of L.A.’s fashion codes through a cinematic, character-driven lens.

The Fall 2024 collection delivered an outlook of “ideas” that refer to activities like jogging, yoga, and gym sessions, and progress to Hollywood evenings with step-and-repeat-ready, Cristóbal Balenciaga-inspired gowns. Together the seasonal range offers tinges of updated grunge, upscaled daywear, and signature tailoring take the spotlight.

The activewear section leads with an understood range of shorts, bra tops, leggings, and sweatshirts, followed by a jersey section with a nod to the American velour tracksuit. The tracksuits deliver low-slung trousers and cropped hooded jackets matched by knee-high Alaska boots for an iconic celebrity look.

The neo-grunge exploration arrives oversized and layered led by cut-up asymmetric trousers, a hand-embroidered leopard-motif coat, outdoor hotel slippers, and leather bags lined with nylon shopper totes. The upscaled daywear is marked by outsize proportions and precise tailoring that serves as an introduction to evening wear. The shapes and silhouettes are designed to fuse past and present by referencing original designs made by Cristobal Balenciaga himself.

Throughout the collection are accessories that include the new croc-embossed Rodeo bag, and essential carriers such as the knitted 24/7 tote and the Monaco tote. Along with evolved eyewear and a new shoe, the 10XL Sneaker builds on the exaggeration in proportion synonymous with Balenciaga’s signature sneakers. Additionally, Balenciaga created leather and paper tote bags, jerseys, caps, and aprons with Erewhon, and the new Le Cagole Tote XL, No Logo jersey pieces, and high jewelry realized in collaboration with Jacob & Co.