Hortus Delıcıarum – Guccı’s second hıgh jewelry collectıon ınspıred by nature

The collection consists of more than 130 jewels, mostly one-of-a-kind

This season, Gucci presented its second collection of high jewelry. Alessandro Michele dedicated the entire series of decorations to the sky – its shades at different times of the day and constellations. Hortus Deliciarum – translated as “The Garden of Delights” – consists of 130 pieces of jewelry, each of which belongs to one of four chapters.

The first is an ode to the beauty of natural landscapes: waterfalls, forests and other objects are recreated in miniature. In this piece, the craftsmen of the House used a variety of purple and plum spinels and Paraiba tourmalines, the hue of which resembles sea water. The second chapter of the Hortus Deliciarum perpetuates the fleeting magic of darkness. Here Alessandro Michele used borrowings from the jewelry art of the 19th century, as well as rare opals and topaz, adjacent to spessartines and tourmalines.

The third part of the collection is inspired by the opulence and excesses of rococo and rose gardens. For jewelry reminiscent of the beauty of flowers and the power of love, stones of the most delicate shades were specially selected – padparadscha sapphires, tourmalines … This chapter is also distinguished by its functionality: some necklaces are equipped with removable pendants. The final part is built around the animal kingdom. Particular attention is paid to the images of wild cats: in one of the necklaces, an opal weighing 16.36 carats is surrounded by 22 figurines of lions.

The collection is featured in a new advertising campaign directed by Glen Luchford. Its main character is Jodie Turner-Smith, who has turned into a mythical creature that exists in harmony with nature.

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