Gısmondı 1754 Launches Marea Inspıred by the magıcal movements ın the Lıgurıan Sea

Gismondi 1754 releases a new one-of-a-kind range, ‘Marea’ inspired by the continuous movement of the sea in the Italian Gulf, seen from Genoa, the home of the venerable high jewelry brand. A rhythmic motion and tribute to the beauty, vitality, energy and dynamism of the pure winter swells and the ongoing seiche waves, it represents the exclusive oscillation phenomenon in the partially closed body of water surrounding the Gismondi 1754 flagships in the region.

Its organic design, characterized by sinuous curves that follow one another intersecting on different levels set with graduating white diamonds, is the purest expression of wave formations receding with the tides and simultaneously captures stylistic aspects signature to Gismondi 1754 designs. Encased in the cuff bracelet is a dynamic labyrinth of full and empty spaces with curves and crests illuminated in over 50 carats of diamond set in white gold. 31.14 carats of majestic tanzanite finds space highlighted between the wider bends giving the hue of the magical blue-violet shades of the body of water between the white caps.

Following suit, the continuous flow of curves chasing each other endlessly like ocean currents at tide is framed with a central focal point of Tanzanite also reflected in the Marea ring. The collection introduced at the Vicenzaoro fair will be visiting their flagship stores in Europe and then traveling to the U.S. later in spring 2023.

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