Geometry and contrast ın the collectıon of Cartıer

The Art Deco style occupies an important place in the collections of the jewelry house and has always been the main source of inspiration. At the beginning of the 20th century, when a neoclassical style still flourished in Cartier aesthetics, Louis Cartier began to create jewelry, taking as a basis geometric shapes and clean lines, unusual combinations of materials and color contrasts.

The Art Deco style is characterized by black color, which is why the jewelry house was the first to use onyx in the collections of high jewelry art, later it became an iconic stone for Cartier. Rhinestone gained new popularity in the twentieth century – the jewels of the house used it in watch collections.

In 2020, Cartier recalls that era and again returns to the theme of Art Deco and architectural geometric lines, the classic combination of black and white and the contrast between transparent and matte in the Géométrie & Contraste collection. Louis Cartier introduced new forms into the art of jewelry, creating motifs in the form of geometric shapes from carefully matched colored stones. So, crosses, squares, triangles and octagons interact with each other and express the main codes of the jewelry house in a modern reading.

The collection includes two necklaces, a bracelet, earrings and a white gold brooch with rock crystal, onyx and diamonds. One of the necklaces is a transformer: the central part is removable and can be used as a brooch.

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