Bvlgarı has released a travel book to Rome

A travel guide to the Italian capital that brings together famous Bvlgari sights and jewelery inspired by them.

Since 1884, the majestic beauty of the Eternal City and its rich archaeological, artistic, and cultural heritage have represented an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Bvlgari. Rome, with its archaeological, artistic and cultural heritage, has always been an endless source of inspiration for the Italian brand.

“Bvlgari – Roma: Travel Tales for Beauty Lovers” tells the story of the relationship between the brand’s hometown and jewelry. “You will understand how and why the curves of the building are reflected in the necklace, and how one of the fragments of the mythical picture unfolds in the history of the iconic bracelet, or how exactly the dyadic structure of the house can be transformed into something as small and exquisite as a ring,” explains in foreword by editor and artistic director Jan Králícek. For example, the design of the iconic B-zero1 ring was inspired by the Colosseum, the ultimate symbol of the city, and likewise the recurrent octagonal geometries watch dial refers to the coffered ceiling of the Basilica of Maxentius.

This unique edition is aimed at connoisseurs and visitors to Rome, whose level of sophistication far surpasses that of a typical city guide.