Fıne Jeweller Lıa Lam unveıls debut jewellery collectıons

Jewellery designer Lia Lam is delighted to debut her eponymous fine jewellery brand with four collections. Lia brings a modern sensibility to her designs, constantly driven by the desire to redefine and expand traditional notions of love, commitment and life’s milestones within the field of design. Each collection celebrates Lia Lam’s signature style – a masterful blend of bold forms, and artful shapes with effortless clean lines.
A fascination with 20th century modernist and conceptual influences that range from the capsulising of stoic philosophy to Scandinavian values, her work manifests through ample butmunderstated use of symmetry, sleek silhouette and negative space. Geometric and artful shapes form the basis of many of Lia’s creations. The pieces – all painstakingly handmade are contemporary in style, architectural in perspective and deceptively minimalist.
Lia Lam creates jewellery with a modern vision. Each creation is charged with emotional strength, designed to evoke the philosophical underpinnings of contemporary life. These spectacular jewels reveal an audacious, fearless creativity, and barrier-breaking irreverent explorations of materials and craftsmanship. For Lam, being different is a strength and not a weakness. This defiant ideology is reflected in her ergonomic clean-lined designs.

The architectural silhouettes and graphic shapes that run through Lia Lam’s jewellery collections are punctuated with gleaming diamonds and gemstones. An avid dancer, Lia explains “I understood the execution of the cleanest, most ‘minimalistic’ dance move often requires maximal efforts behind the stage.” A philosophy, a concept or unique story is at the base of every collection. In a climate of polarizing politics and divided communities, Lia seeks to present ideas of togetherness and synchronicity in her jewellery – like a dance made manifest in precious metals – so that balance can be found in art, even if it is absent in life. Lia Lam is committed to navigating a path of sustainability and ethicality with honest intentions. Every creation is designed by Lia herself and expertly handcrafted by highly-skilled artisans in London. Lia’s pieces are made with 18k gold, platinum and set with carefully chosen, responsibly sourced diamonds and gemstones of exquisite quality. Lia’s fine jewellery collections and bespoke creations can be found on her website for purchase. Her work can be viewed at her by-appointment space in London.