Fendı’s Fall/Winter 2024 Collectıon Marrıes Englısh Sensıbılıty wıth Italıan Flaır

Fendi brought forth utilitarian cuts with a hint of extravagance, to mix English sensibility with Italian flair.

Relaxed-fit dresses and coats mixed with cool girl knee-high and thigh-high boots grace the runway, marking the salon-style aesthetic that Creative Director Kim Jones strived for with this collection. It’s clear that tailoring to highlight feminine lines while maintaining the sense of the every day was king for Jones. The denim look is towards the middle of the show, styled with polished blue leather boots and a fuzzy oversized clutch. It employs traditional tailoring while using denim, a material usually associated with quotidian fashion. The cinched waist and fitted skirt of the dress, with a relaxed fit towards the top, simultaneously channel the on-the-go casual Londoner and the high-fashion illustrious Roman. 

A signature characteristic of Fendi shone through in the form of the riding boots, which seemed to accompany almost every ensemble. This equestrian influence isn’t new for Fendi. The fashion house’s oldest handbag collection, Selleria, is famous for using the same craftsmanship and leather as ancient Roman saddle makers.

Classic handbag styles, including the PeekabooBaguette, and By the Way, were reborn, with newly constructed versions of them appearing in a collection embracing sensibility and practicality. The deep blue, olive green, and rich brown colours seen on the handbags seamlessly integrate with the casual yet elevated dresses, sets, and coats.