Facıal pıercıng – a brıght trend of thıs season

Piercing is back in vogue and you don’t have to join a subculture to wear it.

Facial piercings aren’t new to the industry. Just a couple of seasons ago, large nose earrings were presented by Acne Studios.

In 2016, Alexander McQueen showed unusual jewelry connecting earrings and a piercing on the cheek, and in 2015 Givenchy and Rodarte experimented with fake eyebrow and nose piercings. Earlier, Karl Lagerfeld turned to jewelry imitating piercings under the lower lip during the show of the spring-summer 2012 collection.

If you are not ready to pierce your lip, chin, eyebrow, or nose for the sake of a micro-trend, then fashion brands have long invented fake earrings and cuffs. And don’t skimp on the size: the larger and more accent the jewelry is, the better.

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