Rather than a mask to hide behind the hero, face accessories are a way to emphasize your own strength, beauty, and courage to be yourself. Luxurious jewellery brands and young designers always looked for new meanings and ways to apply accessories to the face. The idea of decorating the face was first reflected in fashion by the English designer Alexander McQueen. In his 1997-98 autumn/winter collection,
model Stella Tennant showed up on the catwalk with a metal design on her face and gave the first signals of this multifaceted, avant-garde, and unusual trend. Over the years, McQueen adorned the faces of his models with applique feathers and wings of butterflies and turned a tour de force into the new route of fashion.

Inspired by the images of the pop icons in the 90s such as Gwen Stefani and Björk, pearl face accessories step into a vision without rules be it with minimalist closures emphasizing the line of eyelids or futuristic patterns covering the face all over. No need to mention that last summer pearl was featured as a strong symbol of the fashion world. Rising to prominence in every branch from necklaces, earrings,
unisex brooches to hair accessories, the pearl combination is now on the list of face accessories.

If you are not a fan of stone and glamour in jewellery selection, you might like face accessories with clean lines and in the form of plain shapes and simple geometrical details. Thin metal strips emphasizing the shape of eyebrows or lips draw great attention. These types of accessories in which simple and straight forms are in favor fit well with every design from minimal jewels to classic watches, impressive bags, and accessories to other strong pieces.

If you get tired of wearing a chain on your neck or arms, jewellery designers have brought a breath of fresh air into these accessories and now chains can be worn from ear to ear extending over the face. This kind of accessories which will not look exaggerated at all with glittery make-up can make you the unforgettable actor of a high fashion scene everywhere.
Courageous designers and influencers who get used to set, rather than following, the trends have found a new way to be effortlessly cool in these avant-garde, complicated and surreal masks. Today, adorning your face with stones, beads, golden details and pieces of glass to turn into a neverto-be-forgotten red-carpet hero is not perceived as out-of-date, on the contrary, it displays a powerful and gorgeous attitude that will be the trend of the future.