Jacob & Co.’s latest collaboratıon – Astronomıa Tourbıllon Alec Monopoly

Jacob & Co. with prolific street artist, Alec Monopoly have produced the Astornomia Alec Monopoly timepiece, a limited-edition collection that uses the unique display case of the Astornomia as a canvas for Monopoly’s art, using several of his iconic creations.

The Astronomia Monopoly contains miniature pop characters that represent the repertoire of renowned contemporary graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly. They include: his interpretations of “The Monopoly Man” and “Scrooge McDuck,” a multicolored dollar sign with multiple drawings of diamonds, and “money wings.”

Monopoly then paints the figures using acrylic paint in the bright animated colors that are his trademark. The artist normally works on surfaces that can range in size from large canvases to sides of buildings. He found painting at such a small scale to be challenging.

The double-axis tourbillon of the Astronomia Tourbillon is at the forefront of modern watchmaking. The delicately decorated cage encapsulates the balance wheel, hairspring, escape wheel and several other important components. Characterized by this openworked cage, this outstanding tourbillon rotates on two axes simultaneously. It is a constellation of superbly finished components that, when expertly assembled and fine-tuned, allows the Astronomia caliber to keep accurate time throughout its 60-hour power reserve.

A full rotation on the 1st axis takes 60 seconds, as a nod towards the traditional single-axis tourbillon. The 2nd axis of rotation requires five minutes to complete.

This is a tourbillon that was engineered with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technologies and timeless horological heritage in mind.

The Jacob-Cut is the signature cut for the diamonds and gems that appear on all Jacob & Co. Astronomia timepieces. It always marks its presence on one of the arms of the Astronomia vertical movement and at times it graces other parts of its extra-large watches. It is a distinctive work of innovation, creativity and execution.