Drops, the flash collectıon by Gıovannı Raspını

Pearls and silver combine in a new form of beauty

Giovanni Raspini presented a new flash collection with an emblematic name: Drops.

Drops is a micro-collection designed for those who love the Giovanni Raspini brand and always seek original and beautiful things to wear. Created by the Tuscan jewellery designer and characterised by freshness, contemporaneity and excellence, the collection marks a return to one of the brand’s best-selling themes, drawing inspiration from nature. Drops combines the radiance of two complementary and fascinating elements: natural freshwater pearls and burnished silver. The pieces feature pearls embellished and encapsulated by delicate lost-wax cast decorations.

The collection is available as 5 small necklace pendants (decorated with butterflies, daisies, bows, perlage and, the new entry, bees), 5 earrings (with the same decorations), and 3 rings (butterflies, daisies and perlage).

As an addition to the collection, Giovanni Raspini also presents 4 new charms to bring luck and good fortune, made of burnished silver and dedicated to the year to come: 2021. They represent a classic horn, a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover and a Christmas bell.

The new flash collection by Giovanni Raspini: contemporary excellence from the heart of Tuscany.

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