De Beers RVL ıs a unısex collection that ınvıtes everyone to celebrate ındıvıdualıty

A legendary name in diamonds—De Beers Jewelers—has unveiled its latest and most modern collection yet, De Beers RVL. The collection’s name is a code – not all of it is revealed, similar to the jewelry design, which includes a hidden “DB” monogram. The genderless collection invites everyone to celebrate who they are, revealing their individuality through styling and stacking the pieces as they wish. The unique styling options can be seen in the campaign images, where rings are unconventionally paired and stacked, and a necklace is worn on the wrist. In a juxtaposition of mixed metals, four 18k white gold and diamond pieces are joined by three in black titanium and 18k rose gold, all of which also have hidden diamonds, only noticeable to the wearer. 

According to De Beers, their monogram inspired the collection’s aesthetic, with outlines of the ‘D’ and ‘B’ imprinted in the metal to form lines that resemble a code and, when viewed from the side, a gear. Like the De Beers initials hidden within the design, one’s unique character is not immediately evident; it must be revealed.  

The white gold pieces include a pendant in the shape of an irregular octagon, featuring rows of pavé-set diamonds, and a bracelet with a white gold plate set with lines of diamonds threaded onto a black knotted cord for a more modern vibe. A signet ring and a cigar band set with rows of pave diamonds complete the quartet of white gold pieces. Smooth and solid in form, they are statements of simplicity and confidence with a hidden meaning. 

A trio of complementary black titanium and rose gold pieces – a pendant, bracelet, and ring – contrasts with the white gold pieces and completes the collection. The lines in the designs are formed from depressions in the metal, which are lined with rose gold. They feature a hidden diamond next to the concealed letters, its presence is known only by the wearer…unless they choose to reveal it. All the pieces in the collection are meant to be mixed and matched in any way the wearer chooses to express themselves.