Colorful daısıes ın the new Pandora Garden collectıon

Wear these jewels as easily as you did with flower wreaths, bracelets and rings as a child.

The focus of the new Pandora Garden collection is on other flowers – daisies, but in terms of mood, these jewelry are very close to them. All charms, rings, pendants and bracelets are easy to combine with each other: put on several rings at once, layering necklaces and experiment with charms.

At the same time, the collection is notable for its complex execution. Crafted from sterling silver and Pandora Rose’s signature alloy, they are encrusted with cubic zirconia and enamelled with attention to detail – each petal is clearly visible on the flowers.

The updated Reflexions bracelets are a good match for them – this spring, geometry was added to the classic model, laying out the lock in diagonal lines from cubic zirconia.

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