Surrealıst jewels and other Schıaparellı pıeces that we are crazy about

The presentation of the new collection took place as part of the Paris Fashion Week

Daniel Roseberry knows the answer to the question of how to make any look memorable and luxurious. The creative director of Schiaparelli is convinced that beauty lies in accessories and jewelry.

To celebrate the beauty of the female body, the designer used gold casts of its parts to create massive earrings, pendants and garment details. Instead of a clasp on the bag a lip print, and instead of a phone case is a sculpture in the shape of a human ear.

The designer adds metal corsets to suits and laconic dresses, and changes the buttons on jackets to locks and small casts of the nose and eyes. Sweaters and tweed jackets complement the gold bibs, while layered chains, chunky rings and many oversized bobby pins complete the look.

Not to do in the new season and without sunglasses-masks. But Roseberry also reimagines this accessory: glasses now cover not only the eyes, but also the nose, and bright landscapes appear on the lenses.

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