Colored jewelry ıs a must-have for summer

Summer is the time when you especially want to wear bright colors, experiment with the palette, changing the usual base, and dress up.

Naivety is a trend that has taken root in the jewelry industry as well. Daisies and butterflies will be appropriate not only on a dress made using the crochet technique, but also on the ears, neck, fingers, and hand, only with diamond petals and enameled wings. Such jewelry, despite its brightness and often impressive size, can be worn every day, combined with outfits of basic colors. The Maya Gemstones Zigzag ring studded with colored sapphires can be worn with other colored rings to create a contrasting composition on the hand. Pomellato’s jujube-like topazes will complement not only candy and berry doll dresses but also beach outfits, which we continue to compose in preparation for our cherished vacation.

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