Chaumet dedıcated a new Bee My Love jewelry collectıon to honeycomb

The Chaumet brand has released a new collection, which bears the romantic name Bee My Love. The Maison’s craftsmen used the innovative Taille Impératrice cutting technology to create this line of jewellery. The name wasn’t chosen by chance: Bee My Love designs are inspired by the geometry of the honeycomb, and this motif, in turn, is closely related to the history of Chaumet. To pay tribute to the founder of the French jewellery brand, Chaumet’s creative team worked exclusively with polished rose, white and yellow gold.

The Bee My Love collection is distinguished by deep symbolism, and the owners of precious honeycombs will certainly be lucky: in each piece the number 88 (the number of facets of each diamond) is encrypted, bringing happiness. The double power of the infinity sign multiplies the light and radiance of diamonds. The new line features a pendant, delicate studs and pendant earrings, an asymmetrical pavé Y-necklace and a negligee pendant.

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