Chaumet dedıcated a hıgh jewellery collectıon to the archıtecture of the Vendome Column

In honor of this important event, Chaumet created the Torsade de Chaumet high jewelry collection. Chaumet has combined diamonds with Ceylon sapphires, Mozambican rubies, and Colombian emeralds of impeccable quality, and special attention has been paid to the pavé technique. One of the historical references of Torsade de Chaumet is a spring necklace inspired by the negligee pendant of the Maharaja Indore.  The spirals and curves of tiaras, rings and necklaces in the collection embody the energy of movement and vitality.

Representatives of the brand suggest wearing Torsade de Chaumet jewelry not only to women – an airy diamond brooch in the form of a white gold ribbon, an openwork ring, and a pavé bracelet are declared as gender-neutral jewelry.

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