chapter ıv graffabulous – a new hıgh jewellery collectıon reveals a trove of extraordınary coloured gems, plucked from nature ıtself

Running free through the palms, the Three Graces dance to the music of the birds. How divine the sound among the magical flora and fauna of a jewelled paradise found.

Displaying a fabulous, uniform richness of colour – a vivid, beautifully saturated red – this high jewellery necklace draws its power from an incredible collection of perfectly matched rubies.

Rare sugarloaf cabochon sapphires entrance with their smooth surfaces rising to elegant peaks, encircled by imaginative, flawlessly set arrangements of custom-cut stones. Combining the rarest colours gifted by nature with cutting-edge craftsmanship, custom-cut diamonds are layered to burst outwards from statement centre stones.

A new ruby and diamond high jewellery necklace is emblematic of the Graffabulous collection, which is a celebration of the most precious colour.  The design proposed a rhythmic flow of colour across the collarbone, with graduated round rubies framed by stylistic lines of diamond light that direct the gaze towards the intricate centre motif.

Sculpted to display exquisite depth, the contemporary semilune silhouette of the centre motif was handcrafted to reveal its beauty layer by layer. Combining angled calibré cut and round diamonds, set at opposing angles, for a thrilling sense of three dimensionality, the finishing touch was an oval ruby of more than 6 carats.

The collection of rubies in this unique necklace is indicative of the Graff family’s desire to seek out the world’s most remarkable gemstones. Increasingly elusive natural marvels, rubies of this calibre are rarely seen, even in the world of high jewellery.

The completed necklace is a masterpiece of contemporary high jewellery design, showcasing more than 39 carats of the finest rubies. Rubies are rarely seen, even in the world of high jewellery, and to place 21 perfectly matched gems – all certified as displaying the finest Pigeon’s Blood hue – in a single jewel is an extraordinary feat.

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