Brosway Italia has chosen JCK 2023 to launch a new, innovative and game-changing concept of jewelry, set to raise the bar among industry leaders – “Make Up Jewelry”.

Color which has always been a distinctive element of Brosway Italia, becomes the main character with the new Fancy collection, which conveys moods and feelings into different looks. Each color has a meaning and hints at different personality types, just like every woman’s makeup: blue means freedom, green means life, ruby means passion and so on. Color – and therefore jewelry – becomes a powerful tool of self-expression, allowing the wearer to also play an important role in mixing and matching different sets according to their ever-changing emotions.
The idea of mix & match gets to the next level with 8 different color palettes and endless combinations coming to life in shiny jewelry sets that can tell individual stories and reveal hints on one’s attitude and personality traits.
This new concept introduces eye-catching visual narratives and displays combined with vibrant and bright looks setting the mood for an authentic immersive experience. The initial launch features the following “Make Up Jewelry” colors: Passion Ruby, Vibrant Pink, Magic Purple, Cloud Light Blue, Freedom Blue, Life Green, Infinite White and Mystery Black.